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Filtration Products: Screens

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About Screens

Product Group PhotoWe supply rotating and stationary screens for automatic and efficient removal of coarse solids process streams and wastewater effluent. Screens can be used anywhere in your plant, but are most often used as a prescreen to further wastewater treatment.

Screens Provide Great Value. . .

Screens provide great value in their ability to handle a wide range of flowrates and solids loadings. They work well on granular, fibrous, greasy or sticky solids. We also provide equipment for further dewatering of the screened solids.

The right screen can reduce water usage, improve the efficiency of final wastewater treatment, reduce maintenance, recover products, reduce hauling costs and improve processes. Contact us for assistance with your screening application.

PAPSCO Screens Feature:

  • Pressure and gravity feed
  • Internally- and externally-fed screens
  • Self-cleaning
  • 316 SS and other metals
  • 0.1” to 10 micron screen openings
  • Perforated, Mesh and wedgewire
  • Thickens solids up to 15%
  • High solids loading and high flow rates

Examples of Screen Applications:

  • Process water
  • Wastewater
  • Pulp and paper mill effluent
  • Wood room effluent
  • Stock thickening
  • Broke thickening
  • Rejects thickening Saveall
  • Poultry plant wash water
  • Primary feather and offal wastewater
  • Peeler effluent
  • Solids recovery
  • Coolants

For more product details or to get online assistance in choosing the right solution for your filtration application:

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