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Filtration Products: Treatment Systems

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About Treatment Systems

Product Group PhotoOur outstanding reputation was built by working one-on-one with our customers. We will work with you to provide an innovative, custom-designed treatment system specific to your process requirements. Our staff can provide assistance with system design, installation, start-up and operation.

Our capabilities include systems for sedimentation, flotation, separation and dewatering. These systems can incorporate numerous technologies into a single skid-mounted system.

Choosing the Right Wastewater Treatment System
Doesn't Have to Be Confusing

Let our expertise guide you in your treatment system decision. We have worked closely with our customers for over 25 years and have learned which equipment and systems work best in the industry's toughest applications.

We'll tackle your unique problems so your process operates efficiently and effectively - that's the PAPSCO way.

PAPSCO Treatment Systems Feature:

  • Clarifiers and DAFs
  • Oil/Water separators
  • Granular media filters
  • Pressure filters
  • Membrane systems
  • PLC controlled, remote monitoring
  • Manual to fully-automatic operation
  • Batch or flow-through design

Examples of Treatment System Applications:

  • Coolant recycling systems
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater recycling/reuse of solids and liquids
  • Industrial pre-treatment
  • Physical/Chemical treatments for precipitation, separation and metals dewatering
  • BOD, COD and organic reduction/removal
  • Treatment for discharge to POTW and NPDES
  • Groundwater treatment

For more product details or to get online assistance in choosing the right solution for your filtration application:

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